FAA Licensed Drone Pilot

A different perspective is why you're here, right? With the advancement of drone technology it seems everyone has a drone these days... BUT not everyone has the ability or eye to capture a vision.  Aerial Photography and Videography isn't just putting a drone in the air and pressing a button -  Understanding the end result and our client's needs is how we make you happy. Every time. 

Licensed Drone Pilot
Aerial Drone Photography

Inked Digital has years of flying experience and is FAA Certified AND insured with a perfect safety record.

Drone photography is the fastest growing request we have.  Whatever your needs, we have you covered from Landscape to Real Estate to Archival and Construction to Development and Insurance.   With one of the leading PRO drone setups in the industry you will get high resolution, detailed shots available in RAW or JPG (or both) format.

Aerial Videography is a fancy way to say drone video. You want 4K?  We can do that.  Need raw footage in Apple PRORES or CINEMA DNG?  Want 5K?!  Yes, 5K!  Sure, we can do that.   For most projects we can capture everything you need with a single operator.  For more complex projects we have the ability for dual operators,  one to fly and one to capture your vision.  

We do more than take pretty pictures and videos.  We've mapped roads and land for new real estate developments from Hawaii to the East Coast.  We continue to find ways to help businesses with drone technology in multiple industries including Agriculture, Construction, Roofing, Insurance, Surveying, Interactive MapsModels and more.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Drone / Camera Do You Use?

Primary Drone Setup:

  • DJI Inspire 2
  • X5S Camera
  • CrystalSky Display 7.5"  (with video output options as needed)
  • 15mm and 45mm lens (others available if requested/needed)
Where Do You Fly / What Are Travel Costs?

Our home base is South of Nashville, TN and we have flown and worked across the US.  We frequently travel throughout  the Southeast and are happy to make day trips or over night trips.  Projects 30 miles outside of Franklin, TN may incur travel charges (if additional charges are required we'll discuss before the project starts so there are no surprises).  

If project requires travel for more than 3+ days we prefer to plan a few weeks in advance and per diem charges may be added.  No matter what, you'll know costs and plans before the projects starts.

Do You Rent Out Your Drone?

No, we don't have a rental setup at this time.  We own our equipment and prefer to know who, where and why it is in the air.   If you need a drone for a quick project just know that when you hire us, you're getting an FAA Certified Pilot who is insured as well.

Do You Do Weddings?

We get this question... weekly.   The short answer is yes, we do weddings.

We get plenty of 'dreamy' requests that sound great until we explain the safety and LEGAL issues.  The short answer again--> Drone pilots are not allowed to fly above people.  There are circumstances that allow for exceptions to that rule BUT weddings is not one of them.

We won't break FAA rules for Weddings.  With that said there are still options for capturing video and photos of your wedding.  We can work with your photographer or videographer to discuss what shots are requested/required/possible/not possible.

What Is Inked Digital?

Inked Digital is an independent marketing & technology studio with one goal... to see our clients thrive.  As technology continues to evolve, our marketing strategies and services evolve as well to service our clients and partners.  We stay in the know so you don't have to.  You can read more about Inked Digital here.

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